Student Teaching Happens Vol 2

Last year I had the joy of being in first grade. There were many perks about being in first grade including how adorable those littles are. They are so brutally honest and eager to learn. However, this year up to December I get the chance to teach fourth grade.

As a student teacher, I have been lucky to have two fabulous clinical teachers. This round I have been able to co-teach a lot. I am moving into teaching full time over the next three weeks. It is going to be a lot of fun and I’m sure going to be frustrating at times for not only me but also the students.

Having two teachers for students is hard, especially when they don’t know who is in charge, where they can go to ask questions that don’t pertain to the lesson being taught, and such. My clinical teacher, E, and I have been very good about setting boundaries like when one of us is talking that means that teacher is in charge and they need to give that teacher their full attention. As times goes on I’m sure it will get easier and easier.

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Ideas for Our Summer Bucket List

summer-bucketlist: Every summer needs a list of ambitious tasks! Check out ours!

It is finally summer… I cannot believe I can say that now. This last Monday actually marked the first day of summer and let me tell you…I was jumping up and down. I love each season for different reasons and I don’t like to say I have a favorite. However, summer to me  is the season of sunshine, long nights, flowers, gardens, hiking, and enjoying my free time. It is the little break in between each school year that brings back my sanity. Summer is also the time of the year where Hubby and I like to accomplish lots together and one way to do this is to create a bucket list.

Just last weekend Cody and I were driving back from shopping and enjoying ,lunch date when we started talking about our ambitious bucket list for this summer. Cody and I had fun thinking about what we wanted to accomplish this summer and here is what we came up with:

-Camp at least one weekend this summer

-Enjoy the trip and wedding in August. We actually get to ride in a plane for the first time and visit Colorado

-Hike Opal Creek in Lyons

-Drive for a day with no destination

-Create some home decor and Christmas presents (Instagram will get you the inside scoop on these projects)

-Visit the beach and eat at our favorite restaurant

As the summer continues we will post the fun pictures and updates on Instagram. However, bucket lists love to grow, so what would you add to the bucket list for this summer?

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Enjoying Life’s Little Moments

I'm going to be enjoying life's little moments. No more obligations to blog, but more like blogging because the Lord calls me to do it.

I know I have been MIA the last two months. I need to come clean with what I have been doing and feeling so here it goes….  I was starting to hate blogging. I had to make a difficult decision when my classes, student teaching, and two jobs got a little overwhelming. When I started this blog it was a hobby, a way to keep the family in the loop, and a way for me to find my inner self and enjoy writing. I started getting sponsored posts and taking ads, which I loved until it started feeling like I was obligated to blog because I had something to prove. I had goals and my goals started to  interrupt my marriage just because I wanted to prove that I could be the best. I was bending over backwards and cutting into my personal time of enjoying life’s little moments.

These last two months have really opened my eyes. I have been able to reconnect with my hubby, create a bucket list for the summer with the hubby (which will be shared soon), and connect with family. These last two months have also shown that my priorities are the Lord and my family, especially the hubby. Without these two important pieces of my life, I wouldn’t be able to write the blog or enjoy life.

I guess what I am trying to say is… I’m back. There are going to be some major changes. For starters, social media is not a priority for me. I’m not going to bend over backwards to try and make daily announcements and pictures. I love Instagram and will get back to making this my number one source of connections. It will not be used to really advertise my blog, but instead show you my life’s enjoyable little moments.

Next, sponsored posts will not be found regularly anymore. You will be lucky to see one once every other month. I want to be myself and regain my love for blogging. I plan to get back to my roots and start enjoying writing again on this little space of the web.

Lastly, you will for sure see me around the web once a week. I cannot promise three times a week like I used to. I want to blog when the Lord is calling me to write. I want to write about memories and adventures of my marriage, recipes when I actually get around to  cooking, and the simple moments that come about. I hope you are here for the long haul and will walk with me through the little moments of life that bring me joy. So, will you be sticking around?

3 Stay At Home Date Ideas

As a full-time student and still working life can get hectic. I have been feeling a little disconnected from my hubby this week. I know this because I start to have weird dreams about stupid things and I also get paranoid about our relationship. It is weird how our body and mind tells us that we need dates. I know when a date is needed and this weekend we need one! I decided to tell you about 3 ways to date your hubby from home!


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